Drakes Showers

Choose from a wide range of showers including digital, electric, mixer and power showers from leading brands such as Aqualisa, Bristan, Heritage and Ideal Standard.

Whether you are updating your existing or adding a new one, we have the shower solution for you including exposed, concealed and recessed showers.

The type of shower you buy will depend on the water system you have in your house. Most water systems will work with an electric shower. If you have a combi boiler or hot water tank but no cold-water tank, then you could consider a mixer or digital shower which work well with high pressure water systems. If you have a cold-water tank, then you may require a shower suitable for a low-pressure water system like a power shower which contain a pump to boost the water flow. Some mixer showers also work well with low-pressure systems.

We also have an extensive range of shower trays and shower enclosures to complete the job!

Why not browse our showering accessories section where you will find shower kits, hoses, handsets and much more.

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